Shadow Play

A pair of my favorite boots taken with the SLR. I’ve been playing around with the camera lately and with these brand new lace-ups, so it was only fitting that it would be introduced on here. Ever since last year, I was on a constant search for flat, brown lace-ups and I was so fortunate to find them last month when the season was just beginning. The inside of these beauties have plaid inside, so when I laid my eyes on them I knew they had to be bought.

See? Didn’t I say? Beautiful. Love that plaid!

Is a big surprise that I bought yet ANOTHER pair of boots earlier today? My grand total for boots bought in the last three months = FOUR (4).  I’ll have to line them up after I gush & give you the specs on my newest (& probably warmest) boots that I bought. Needless to say, I miss the other pairs of boots that I left in Winnipeg — but since I’m in Portland, it’s better that I have a new batch to go back to.


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